Array Technologies establishes “Array Tech Research Center” to accelerate tracker innovation and strengthen customer collaboration

March 9, 2021

Phoenix facility to serve as R&D, training, and client demonstration site for advanced technology

PHOENIX, March 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Array Technologies (NASDAQ: ARRY) (“Array”), one of the world’s largest manufacturers of ground-mounted systems used in solar energy projects, today announced the creation of the Array Tech Research Center, a site dedicated to researching, developing and field testing advanced solar tracker technology. Located in Phoenix, AZ, the Research Center will serve as a proving ground where customers can explore product prototypes that address common utility-scale solar challenges, including foundation costs, site grading requirements, large module compatibility, and installation time. Array’s engineers will use the facility to demonstrate how developers and EPCs can overcome these challenges using new technology developed by the company.

“Array is a longstanding leader in innovation, and we are making significant investments in new product development this year. The research center is part of that investment and will allow us to work more closely with our customers on the development of new technology,” said Jim Fusaro, Chief Executive Officer of Array Technologies. “Installation is a growing portion of the total cost of a solar energy project and continued reductions in the cost of solar energy will require faster and more efficient installation methods. Having a proving ground where we can demonstrate new means and methods for installing trackers to customers will help us accelerate adoption of our technology and extend our lead over our competitors.”

Some of the innovations that Array is showcasing at the research center and in the field, include:

  • Extended row configurations – The new DuraTrack® HZ v3 extended row configuration increases the length of a tracker row by as much as 33 percent, which further builds on Array’s industry-leading power density. Higher power density reduces the number of components required per megawatt which lowers cost per watt and results in lower LCOE.

  • New optimized foundation tracker systems – Foundations are a significant contributor to the total installed cost of a tracker system. Array is developing a new tracker that requires fewer posts per megawatt, significantly reducing the number of labor and machine hours required to install the system.

  • Toolless module mounting technology – A utility-scale solar project can have over a million solar modules and mounting them to the tracker system is a time-consuming, labor-intensive process. Building on the company’s innovative, time-saving single-bolt module clamp, Array is exploring both toolless and no-bolt attachment systems that will enable modules to be installed faster, safer and more efficiently than current installation methods allow.

  • Rough terrain tracker solutions – Historically, sites with hilly terrain have required significant grading prior to installing a solar system. Site work is costly and can impact the economics of a solar energy project. Array will be demonstrating new technology that can significantly reduce or even eliminate costly site work on hilly terrain.

  • Enhanced tracking performance enabled by software – Leveraging the existing capabilities of the company’s SmarTrackTM software, Array will be further enhancing functionality that will enable its tracker systems to respond dynamically to a range of varying site conditions. Using the company’s software, solar energy project owners can increase their revenues through greater energy generation and better protect their assets from damage with automated responses to anticipated weather events from preventative alerts.

“Array’s new research center underscores their continued commitment to working collaboratively with customers to find ways to reduce cost. Time on site is one of the biggest drivers of installation cost for a utility-scale PV plant and technologies that increase efficiency and reduce labor hours have tremendous value,” said Stephen Jones, President of Primoris Renewable Energy, a subsidiary of Primoris Services Corporation. “Array’s collaborative approach and focus on innovation distinguishes them as an equipment supplier and makes them a preferred partner as we continue to grow our solar business.”
Customers and partners are encouraged to contact their Array customer service representative if interested in scheduling a tour of the Array Tech Research Center.  

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